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Marriage & PARENTING coaching

Here at Vineyard, we are convinced by God’s word that relationships are a big deal because people are a big deal to God! Relationships can be a blessing and an encouraging part of our lives. They can also drive us crazy and make us want to pull our hair out! Great relationships take work; and just like machines need maintenance, our relationships can use tune ups and focused attention.  We want to partner with you in creating strong relationships with those in closest proximity - your family!

We have partnered with Life in Motion Resources (LIMR). They provide essential tools that we will use to build strong relationships. The first step is completing an online relationship/family life inventory. Once you complete the online inventory, we will partner you with a couple who are trained LIMR coaches. Your LIMR coaches will set up a time with you to discuss your online inventory. LIMR coaches are there to walk alongside you. They will share their ups and downs, as well as encouragement and tools, to help you strengthen your relationships. 

Strong family relationships are attainable. We can show you how.  

If you are interested in learning more, you can  fill out the MPC Inquiry Form.

Marriage Ministry Contact: marriage@vineyardcf.org



This thirteen-session video-led group will cover topics such as dealing with anger, depression, loneliness, finances, kid care, single sexuality, forgiveness and more. Child care will be available. Facilitators: Brad & Kim Sunderland, email.  


We offer pastoral counseling, by appointment, with Eric Cook, Domini Cook or Garrett Oliver. Please contact any of these leaders if you need assistance. Contact information.